Take caring of others to national level
Monday, November 15, 2010 - 12:38 pm

To the Editor:

Some politicians are saying that the recession is over, the economy is getting back on track.

I invite you to stand in line at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. Visit a homeless shelter. Please sit or stand in a Social Services waiting room and visit an Unemployment Office.

So many are without jobs, so many are desperate for food and shelter. Things are not better for them.

It is sad to see so much waste in this country, both food-wise and money-wise.

The cost of the TV ads for politicians (most were denigrating their opponent, not addressing the issues) could have been put to a much better use.

Please, please do more than just think about the needs of others, do more than talk about how we need to help.

Pitch in. Donate to food pantries, help at a soup kitchen. Keep aid to libraries intact. Through education, people can better themselves and their conditions.

Small communities, like my own, lend helping hands where needed, neighbors help neighbors. Donate what they can, when they can.

We need to take this caring to a national level.

Georgia Macy