Supports Chileli in 118th District race
Monday, October 8, 2012 - 9:07 am

To the Editor

I would like to announce my support for, and share with fellow voters in the new 118th Assembly District why Joseph Chilelli (D) would make for an excellent and productive representative in the State Assembly. The new 118th formerly the 117th is the result of re-districting. Encompassing communities on the northern banks of the Mohawk River, such as the Town of Herkimer to the banks of the St. Lawrence, it is one of three new Assembly Districts that will collectively represent all of Herkimer County.

In order for this region to be recognized and successful on the State level, securing economic grants and low interest loans, these three Representatives must work closely and cooperatively. Understanding the joint regional issues and having similar philosophy and policies to solve them will be crucial in moving the County and District forward.

Joe has shown the knowledge and ability to work with others and across the political aisle. As a former Herkimer County Legislator he worked diligently with colleagues to save tax payer dollars and maintain a high quality of life by offering real and viable alternatives and solutions. Coming from a professional background, Joe understands the added stress that increased taxes and regulations have on an already over burdened economy and small business. Like wise, his interest and knowledge of agriculture (having his own small vineyard and fruit crops), will prove valuable to solving the issues being experienced by similar small business and farmers.

I know Joe personally, and having worked with him on many private and public issues I know that he is a man of character, faith, and integrity. He has his own ideas and presents valuable leadership qualities; I have always known him to be open to debate, respectful to others ideology, and most importantly understanding his own limitations and knowledge, having the fortitude to seek assistance from others when necessary and useful.

Our region for the past couple of decades has not received the recognition or respect from the Assembly that it deserves. We are rich in natural and human resources, and have the potential to use them for the benefit of the entire State and country. Joe realizes and understands this, and has the capacity to work with the majority and form legislative relationships that will prove vital in regaining economic opportunities and state wide notoriety.

This November 6th Election Day, please consider change and a new step forward for the area and vote Joseph Chilelli (D) for the 118th Assembly District.

 David W. Murray, Ilion