Support town recreation program for youth, says Potsdam woman
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 6:38 am

To The Editor:

I write to encourage residents of the Town of Potsdam to join me in voting yes to fund the continuation of a recreation program for our town.

My children are grown and gone. I personally will have little to no participation in a recreation program. But I believe I do benefit by living within a community that cares about its youth. Every kid should have a safe place to swim during the summer. An ice rink is a terrific addition to a northern town. Sometimes we have good outdoor skating conditions, but rarely all season long.

Facilities and programs are already in place. We don't need to build them. We just need to support them. There is very little for any individual to gain by voting against a recreation program, but there is plenty for us to lose as a community.

Kathleen Fitzgerald