Support for drunk driving reductions is disappointing
Friday, September 5, 2014 - 11:11 am

To the Editor:

I just read the survey results of the tougher actions for driving and drinking put out by Rain. I'm disappointed in the support for allowing all the reductions and business as usual.

Rain also is not the last word on reductions et al. I dislike Rain intensely but I still wish her PR about not allowing it anymore were really going to happen.

A great many people don't think it will reduce drunk driving. I do. I say that because of the conversations of drinking people and the increase of people willing to be designated drivers plus a recent party on Friday night I attended.

We attended a party of about 50 people Friday night, and noticed at the same time an apparent increase in law enforcement vehicle as the hour grew late. There were several instances of people where one spouse drank and the other didn't, and it was all moderate to light drinking with the exception of one person who left (alone) a little early, obviously a couple sheets to the wind, and went home. He apparently made it home OK and there were no other couples/singles at the event who didn't either have a driver or drank too much.

I cannot say for sure that everyone was legal to drive, but it at least wasn't obvious and I did note a couple of folks who let friends drive their cars home for them.

Personally I was very pleased with all that. It was a great evening and of course I have no way of actually knowing other than for a few, whether they drove illegally or not.

All in all, it restores my faith to see things like that happen.

Tom Rivet`