Stiffer penalties needed for sexual crimes in St. Lawrence County
Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 7:53 am

To the Editor:

How many cases do the D.A. and judge need to screw up before people realize it’s time for change?

The Wayne Oxley trials were a huge waste of taxpayer money. A man who sexually abused a young disabled girl got sentenced to 10 years probation because the judge said he wasn’t informed that the girl is disabled. Are you kidding me? Where’s the justice for that family?

How many child molesters are walking the streets because they did not get a stiff enough penalty? There are quite a few.

We need stiffer punishments for people who commit sexual crimes.

Another issue is the fact that I cannot even count how many felony complaints have been dismissed due to the incompetency of this D.A. I could go on all day but it would be a total waste of my energy. An eye opener will do for now.

Dustin Robert Staires