St. Lawrence County Republicans endorse Doheny for congressional seat
Monday, October 15, 2012 - 12:56 pm

To the Editor:

Matt Doheny has been a tireless man of travel in St. Lawrence County. Marching in parades, attending local functions, visiting schools and businesses and meeting with anyone at any time, he is certainly well known and respected.

His message is clear: lower taxes, end needless regulations, say “no” to perks, use fiscal sense, repeal and replace current healthcare law, help small businesses right here and now and not shift jobs overseas. Endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties, there is absolutely no better candidate than he to represent all of us living in the 21st Congressional District.

As a member of Congress, he will carry on his hard work. Be clear on this, there is no better candidate for this Congressional seat than Matt Doheny.

Thomas L. Jenison, Chair, St. Lawrence County Republican Party