St. Lawrence County dissolution an option for the future?
Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 6:42 am

To the Editor:

St. Lawrence County, it’s a two-hour drive from corner to corner, and it’s the largest and one of the most diverse counties in the state.

“However, only 111,000 people. So you can see we have a lot of geography, few people, people sparsely located,” said Karen St. Hillarie, St. Lawrence County administrator.

With the county now divided into four separate Assembly districts, some candidates are forced to travel long distances to meet with county voters they’ll be representing - if they choose to do so at all.

With St. Lawrence County now carved up into four state Assembly districts and three Senate districts, how does St. Lawrence County represent itself with one voice to the State Government?

After reading the above segments and seeing that our St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators cannot make it work anymore, maybe it is time to dissolve St. Lawrence County.

We are the biggest yet poorest county in the State of New York. Being represented by seven different State Legislative representatives does not help. How does the County as a whole get the attention of the State Government with this kind of representation?

Maybe St. Lawrence County should consider “dissolving” and becoming a part of bordering Counties.

What does the Adirondack Park issues have to do with Ogdensburg?  What does the Fort Drum housing issue concerning Gouverneur have to do with Massena?  Are the border problems in the Massena area as important to the residents of Harrisville?

Maybe being big is not the best way to be in today’s world.

Bob Haggett, Norwood