St. Lawrence County clerk supports Ritchie for senate
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 1:47 pm

To the Editor:

It was an honor to work with Patty Ritchie when she served as our County Clerk. Her concern for each and every individual who requested her help was seen on a daily basis at the Clerk‘s office and at the DMV. She has been known to go to someone’s house to help with paperwork or take a passport picture or to change someone’s vehicle plates for them. No matter what was asked of her, it was never too much or too little for her to help with. Her motto, “she looks out for us” is not simply a clever campaign slogan, it is the essence of who Patty is.

In her concern for the residents of St. Lawrence County, she came up with an innovative way to help lessen the tax burden by initiating a program to bring revenue into the county. She took the County Clerk’s office and turned it from a department that was simply operating to provide a necessary service and barely covering its operating expenses into a department that now brings $1.7 million to the county coffers. She opened 3 satellite DMV offices in order to better serve the residents of the county.

I have never known anyone who works harder or is more committed to serving the taxpayers than Senator Patty Ritchie. I will proudly vote for Patty on November 6th because she is accessible and hard working. She is committed to serving us, addressing our concerns and keeping our taxes down. Please join me in voting for Patty Ritchie for State Senate.

Mary Lou Rupp

St. Lawrence County Clerk