Sports help to create well-rounded students, says Ogdensburg man
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:05 am

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to “Sports Over Academics” Soundoff that appeared in the May 7-13 edition.

I feel that the author is missing the purpose of youth and high school sports. The purpose of sports is not to earn a scholarship or make it to the professional level.

Most organizations emphasize physical fitness and sportsmanship; these are the traditional values of youth-sport organizations.

As a society, we believe that playing youth sports develop values like discipline, commitment, teamwork and leadership which our society values. If kids are not playing organized sports after school what will they be doing? Many will be on the streets causing trouble, or just sitting home playing video games.

Also playing sports can get a student interested in many career paths they might now be aware of. This could be sports medicine, physical therapy, coaching, etc.

I coach hockey and lacrosse and my goal is not to produce professional athletes, but to help mold kids into well rounded physically fit people.

Lastly when kids get into modified, JV, and varsity levels they are not allowed to play if they do not make the grade. Sports are not all about winning or becoming a professional.

I feel that sports are a necessary part of any city/school budget.

Jason Demers