Sound Off not the place for personal attacks
Friday, June 14, 2013 - 12:23 pm

To the Editor:

Normally, I pay little attention to “Sound Off” simply because I do not believe in things written without there being a signature attached.

Most times, the notes are harmless, but when there are critical potshots out of the dark aimed at an individual, that is a different story. This was the case in the recent Sound Off titled “Potsdam Not a Ghetto”

I recently was the target of one of those items when someone called me “discriminatory and snobbish”-probably written by someone unhappy with my articles on off-campus student housing -- a landlord perhaps? Ok – as an example, I grow a lot of flowers, and I definitely discriminate against weeds that try to smother them.

I therefore do my best to prevent them, and if that fails, I pull them out. By comparison, many of us in the village live in what are zoned as “ residential” areas. These are not meant to be zones for transient students who are there one year; move off for another batch the next; trash the area; have drunken parties that give birth to vandalism; and lower the property value of every “true” resident around them.

Like weeds in the flowers, I prefer to keep them out before the whole garden is gone. Discriminatory? You bet.

Now to this business of me being a “snob.” That would be a laugh to almost anyone who knows me -- brought up dirt poor in a great little place called North Lawrence, and now, 80 years later, living on a pension and Social Security? Who on earth is left for me to be “snobby” to? My dogs?

If I continue to write articles to help the “little guy” it is because, being one of them, I write for all of us on items of importance in both the village and the town of Potsdam. I intend to keep doing exactly that.

I am very happy to sign my name to this article.

Dick Hutchinson, Potsdam