Solar power owner says it works in North Country
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 6:42 am

To the Editor:

FYI and for the record, I am the person who made the proposal for an article on solar power to North Country This Week. If I’d written the article, the emphasis would have been quite different in several respects.

For one: “Quite satisfied” with my system is not me. What I am, is convinced that solar works for the North Country. My system has paid for itself. It contributes power to the grid and saves me money. After 10 years, it’s time to go public with what I’ve learned.

Secondly, hands-on with solar power enhances awareness of all phases of power generation, transmission, cost and use. You can’t help studying things like carrying costs, seasonal differences in daylight, time-of-day usage -- the whole field of energy efficiency.

Which of the last 10 years has been the sunniest? The least sunny? It’s fun to have answers for such questions.

Thirdly, true: many sites aren’t suitable for solar. Many are. Try making your own assessment. Check tax benefits. With government help most households and businesses could afford the outlay. Professional assessment is cost free. I believe you can trust the honesty of most would-be installers -- you’re not going to be had. Why not go for the check?

Lastly, I broached the subject to NCTW out of my own growing fear of what global warming is doing to us the people. Governments aren’t taking climate change seriously enough. Maybe, individual by individual, community by community, we can show governments what serious means. My ten-year record is solid evidence: North Country residents do get enough sun to make a sizeable difference in their energy costs.

I’ll gladly answer your questions (email: [email protected]). If this information persuades only 20 local property owners to look into solar power, I’ll have paid my debt to the sun.

Margaret Weitzmann