Off-season elections in Canton record-setting
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 12:29 pm

To the Editor:

This year “all politics were local,” as Tip O’Neill used to say. Don’t think the people of Canton are indifferent to voting I an off-presidential year. In our nine voting districts in the town of Canton, some districts had over 60 percent voter turnout Nov. 2, averaging close to a 50 percent or more record-setting turnout all across the districts.

Our hard-working Canton Democratic committee, in tandem with our candidates for Canton town and village offices, produced Democratic victories for every single one of our five local candidates, including our one candidate for the county board of legislators, Steve Putman.

Congratulations are in order for Steve, and for Jim Smith, who won a seat back on the town council and for Jesse Coburn, coming back as a trustee on the village board. And our two local Democratic justice candidates also were winners: Chris Coffey for town justice and Greg Storie for village justice.

And many thanks with appreciation to our Canton Democratic Committee members and other committed Canton Democrats who contributed time, door-to-door help, phoning, poll watching, poll running of ‘courtesy’ voter lists and donations: Ann Charlebois, Doris Cota (also an inspector), Joan Heidenreich, Liam Hunt, Joe Lamendola, Marilyn Mintener, Anne Monck, Joan Narrow, Penny Pitts (also an inspector), Klaus Proemm, Mayor Charlotte Ramsay, Joe Shaw and Dan Soulia.

We also look forward to stalwart work ahead to benefit all of us across the districts and state from Addie Russell, Bill Owens, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, Tom DiNapoli, Eric Schneiderman, Bob Duffy and Andrew Cuomo, winners all.

We would be remiss if we did not heap our gratitude for their public service and contributions on our two out-going county legislators from Canton, Peter FitzRandolph, who also previously served as Canton deputy mayor and village trustee, and Tedra Cobb, and for the commitment and leadership of our out-going Canton Town Democratic Committee Chair Klaus Proemm.

Politics at the local level should not be partisan. But if all parties on both sides of the political fence at county, state and national levels of government will try to work together for the common good, our Democracy beyond Canton will be worth our efforts and tax dollars spent. Now to be spare, wise, and fair.

Brad Mintener

Canton Town/Village Democratic Chair