SAFE act opposition about more than money
Monday, April 1, 2013 - 11:38 am

To the Editor:

In the letter “National Rifle Association Protecting Gun Business, Not Second Amendment,” (March 20 – 26), Mr. Martin claims the NRA is fighting New York’s SAFE act for the business interests that profit off the sale of AR style rifles.

Perhaps they do. But the fight against the SAFE Act is not just the NRA’s fight, which represents only 2 million members.

It’s a fight by over 80 million legal and responsible gun owners who do not like gun control bills passed in the dead of night by a governor who refused to allow debate or discussion. That is not democracy in action.

Its tyranny performed in a back room behind closed doors. Governor Cuomo was so anxious to get the SAFE act bill rammed through that he didn’t realize he also banned 10 round magazines for law enforcement officials.

That does not speak well of his ability to make an informed decision of a major issue, particularly one that is protected by the Constitution.

Governor Cuomo claims rushing the SAFE Act was a legal necessity in response to the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting.

Yet the bill provisions would not be in effect until the following year. So he knew the SAFE Act would have little or no practical effect of preventing future shooting crimes.

Mr. Cuomo saw an opportunity with the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook, and exploited it for his own political purposes.

Mr. Martin, you are concerned about the profit made of the sale of AR style rifles. You should instead re-direct your concern with the 7000 AR rifles, 2,700 armored vehicles, and 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition, including hollow point bullets, purchased by DHS for domestic use. So who really is profiting the gun manufacturers at the expense of our tax dollars? And why does the DHS need to be armed to teeth against us citizens?

Our government is the biggest customer of buying arms, as well as the number one arms dealer in the world for several years running.

It’s ironic that people are so concerned about gun control when our government gives tanks and planes to a dictator in Egypt and the CIA sends arms to Syrian rebels of ad hoc militias composed of civilians—Of whom some no doubt belong to terrorist organizations.

Gun control is about promoting a political narrative that states only government is good and wise enough to possess them, and citizens who do are to be viewed as irresponsible and criminal. History has shown how badly that story turns out in the end.

Ron Shirtz, Rensselaer Falls