Sad to see condition Bayside Cemetery is in
Thursday, June 24, 2010 - 3:03 pm

To the Editor:

It saddens me when I go to my parents’ grave at Bayside Cemetery to see the condition it is in. The grass is very sparse on it year after year and there are no longer geraniums planted as there has always been.

My father was sexton and my mother did the books for 18 years after their retirement and never once did I drive through there and see the graves look the way they do. There were seeded and geraniums planted. The cemetery used to be so lovely to look at because pride was taken with it. I am not asking that my parents’ plots receive any special attention from any other person who is interred there. I am asking why has this been allowed to go on with numerous graves there?

I find it difficult to accept no geraniums planted on people’s graves (who I believe have perpetual care and that was always a part of the perpetual care package if I am not mistaken) yet down by the gate there is a lovely display of flowers around the new sign.

Last year when I went there and found the same things I approached a board member who said they would check into it. Well obviously I was just being brushed off or it wasn’t checked into. I will once again go buy grass seed and plant it on my parents’ plots so that it looks nice but will do so with a heavy heart knowing that the families shouldn’t have to do this themselves.

As for the geraniums, my father always took pride in having his workers plant them every year so that the graves looked nice for Memorial Day. I guess that is a thing of the past also. I realize that many cemeteries are tight on money but when people pay for perpetual care that is what they should get.

Linda Barlow White