S-Curve in South Colton dangerous
Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 1:22 pm

To the Editor:

The temporary, south side traffic light for northbound traffic at the “Letter S” curve, State Highway 56, south of South Colton, has been moved further inside the curve today, to facilitate the re-construction of the highway and installation of a new bridge. 

This traffic light is not visible until you get around the bend and then, there it is.

The flashing yellow warning lights are no longer posted, further up the road, to warn drivers of the stoplights. There is a stationary “Signal Ahead” sign posted but the construction activities and equipment hinder its visibility and warning.

This area is becoming more dangerous with the construction vehicles and workers. 

Even though this is a construction area, with warning signs and rumble strips posted, many folks are still driving too fast through here.

I am concerned that people, including my family, are going to get hurt, especially when they are stopped at this suddenly visible traffic light, by someone coming around this bend, too fast, and running into the back of them.

Thank you for heeding this warning and please, if you would, spread the word.

Pete Austin, South Colton