Russell failed voters by supporting gun law
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 1:02 pm

To the Editor:

I have recently written to Assemblywoman Addie Russell expressing my displeasure at her recent vote on the ‘Gun Control’ bill that was just enacted into law.

New York State already had one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and only minor changes were needed. In the wake of the sad situation in Newtown, CT, logic was shoved out the window and raw emotionalism took over. Stricter enforcement of existing laws and comprehensive background checks were all that was needed in my opinion.

Expansion of the definition of ‘assault weapons’, lowering the magazine capacity from 10 to 7 rounds and the onerous ammunition purchasing requirement were uncalled for. The magazine requirement, in particular, may make criminals of many of us. For example, the Ruger 10-22, a fine gun for younger hunters has a rotary magazine that holds 10 rounds. Putting more than 7 into it is a misdemeanor. Will the manufacturer have to modify the magazine for future sales in this state?

We have several honest gun shops in the county and some of these requirements may force them to consider closing shop. These small businesses contribute to the local economy. What was Russell thinking?

I always thought that ‘representative government’ meant that the person elected was to ‘represent’ the constituency. Most folks up here are honest gun owners. I submit that Ms. Russell wasn’t thinking about OUR interests when she voted and thus doesn’t deserve to be reelected at the next election. If the voters agree with me then they should speak out, contact Ms. Russell at and VOTE in the next election.

Ron Turbide, Canton