Route 11 no longer serves North Country
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 9:12 am

To the Editor:

Six months ago, six people were killed on Rt. 11. Just about every month another person gets killed. How many deaths are acceptable? How much is a life worth? John Casserly and Yes 11 think that it’s okay. I don’t! Rt. 11 is an anachronism that no longer servers us. In one sentence he says that we don’t have enough people to warrant a highway and in the next that it would take too many homes. Which is it? Or are you throwing everything at the wall and see what will stick?

He has convinced the farm bureau to be against it because it will take up too much farmland. Why are there so many vacant farms? The cost of production is too much for mom and pop! Some of the large farmers are using vacant farmland by paying the taxes on it. Sure beats paying rent! Thank god the Amish have to come to raise farm numbers.

Out west in some places you can drive on an interstate ½ hour and not see a vehicle in either lane. Don’t we deserve decent transportation? Are we sick of paying 7% transportation on our goods? Aren’t we sick of driving through 1-horse towns taking 15 minutes each? Are we a bunch of Neanderthals?

Dwayne L. Martin, Gouverneur