Route 11 a disgrace for a U.S. highway
Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 1:00 pm

Suppose you were a businessman in Canton. You would want every car to stop so you would make more money. By having these cars stop at many stoplights and make numerous turns, they would waste enough time that it would be time to eat. To heck with the traveling public, I want mine now.

Suppose you moved into the area and you like it just as it is and you don’t want any interstate to upset you. To heck with anyone else. I want mine now! These gentlemen don’t have to drive on Route 11!

YesEleven has been sending letters to prospective landowners of the proposed route, upsetting some a lot. Now they say there is no proposed route (“North Country This Week,” April 18-24, page six).

Well, which is it? Are you using dirty tricks? If so, why?

You attack Jason Clark. Please attack me! I have no interest in this except to cut down on the number of people killed and maimed! I will debate either or both of you, just name the time and place!

I’m for the more efficient and safe travel. What are you for?

I want to thank the gentlemen for their letters. By causing controversy, you are bringing publicity and are helping to bring this project forward. Route 11 through Philadelphia, Gouverneur, Canton, Potsdam, Malone and Rouses Point is a disgrace for a U.S. highway!

Dwayne L. Martin, Gouverneur