Richville resident tired of I-98 and Route 11 discussion
Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 12:49 pm

To the Editor:

It is irritating that we are constantly bombarded with newspaper articles and letters to various newspapers repeating the merits of a new route 11 versus a never to be built, imaginary, I-98. 

I am sure that I am not the only person who wishes that the various parties lobbying the now saturated population of a VERY rural county with their respective points of view would find a better use of their time, politicians included. I honestly believe that most people here like things the way they are. Those who don’t, move away.  Also, there is less than no chance the I 98 boondogle will ever get built, we will colonize the moon before the federal government spends money on this road to nowhere.

What I find most irritating is that both groups vying for attention on this issue fail to realize that their smoke signals and tom-tom beats do not reach the eyes and ears of anyone in Washington.  If they do get Albany’s attention it must just provide comic relief for the state officials who are lobbied. I see these two groups in an illusionary image with both pulling a monolithic object in opposite directions, oblivious to all that surrounds them.

I humbly suggest you all find something useful to do with your time, maybe pickup rash along the roads, or lobby for deposits on bottled water containers and juice jars.

And finally someone should tell Mr. Martin from Gouverneur that the statistics per million miles of driving on four-lane highways demonstrates that they on only slightly safer than two lanes.   Guess what! Automobiles are dangerous.

Elia Filippi, Richville