Restricting rights has dangerous implications
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 3:59 pm

To the Editor:

The second amendment gives all legal law abiding citizens the right to bear arms. It does not dictate the type of weapon that one can own. I do take great offense to my rights being trod upon by ill-informed individuals.

I do feel sorry for those that lost their lives at Sandy Hook school; I also know that the weapon that actually was used was not a “military style” weapon but a handgun. Further what is happening is once we the people give up one right how many more will follow.

When do the enforcers show up to take all weapons? When do we lose the rights to vote or our right to free speech, or any other rights from the bill of rights?

I am also disappointed that your letter contained inappropriate references to our intelligence and made disparaging remarks.

As a legal hunter I have taken a hunting safety course and grew up around weapons. I know that a gun lying on a table should always be treated as loaded. I also know that it isn’t the gun that kills it is the person handling the weapon. I have had a back ground check done to purchase a weapon, as I am a law-abiding citizen; the criminals are the ones that don’t follow the law.

I also don’t measure the size of my weapon by any body part. The only one who is following the media hype are those that feel that our right to bear arms is no longer necessary.

The second amendment should be left alone and the laws enforced on those that chose to commit crimes. No plea-bargains for any crime using a weapon whether real or fake. This “new law “ needs to be removed and the second amendment restored.  

Terry Carr, Norwood