Republicans soft on crime Democratic chairman says
Monday, May 12, 2014 - 12:20 pm

To the Editor:

The need to move the DA’s office to a scale of pay that will retain ADA’s in St. Lawrence is a top priority for the Democratic Party.

In the last eight years the DA’s office has literally trained 30 ADA’s who have moved on for higher pay and consequently, it has left SLC shorthanded to fight the growing drug problem it faces today.

The drug problem and drug trafficking in SLC has become overwhelming and endangers our children every day. Last night in our attempt to bring these salary increases to the DA’s office, the Republicans played politics stating that we were out of procedure and comparing other departments with the DA’s office. These are small time excuses and small time politics at a time our police agencies and DA’s office needs our support the most.

Democrats that supported the tabling of this resolution did so only for procedural issues so it may be brought back up by one of them because they fear it will be stuck in sub-committee by the administration and never moved forward.

We will not let that happen and will support the DA’s office and law enforcement in their fight to control the growing drug problem in SLC.

Mark Bellardini, Chair

SLC Democratic Committee