Remembering 99 Hits and its legacy in the North Country
Monday, June 10, 2013 - 4:48 pm

To the Editor:

Over the last few weeks the St. Lawrence Valley has lost an old friend, a local radio station. Like many of the age 60 plus, we remember listening to this station since childhood. A family station, a way of life, especially 50 years ago when the media was not so complete.

How many people remember John Shatraw, Bob Larue, Kevin Mastellon and Con Elliott?

Let’s not forget Dave Cady and his motto “Daylight in the Swamp.” He proudly displayed a bug shield on his truck with this phrase.

I believe it was given to him by a business, which was a sponsor on WPDM 99.3

The little talk sessions each day with the local business people plus new highlights especially during extreme weather and emergencies will be missed.

Many thanks to the men and women at the station, what it was and what it could be again. Great memories.

Jerry Peterson