Religious worship not hypocritical practice
Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 3:11 pm

To the Editor

In response to “Religious Worship is a hypocritical practice? (June 23)” I do not understand why someone who perhaps has no specific religious commitment feels compelled to comment on a concept which those who do profess and practice their given faith and belief regularly trust. Did someone disappoint or hurt you whom you saw as being a faithful believer so you now feel the need to lash out with an untrue statement such as you have written - that religious worship is a hypocritical practice, or the one true God as being a hypocrite?

I have no idea where you found the words which you used as an example to support your claim. (Why do religious people who talk so much about how good their God is spend every taxpayer dollar they can when they get older to stay alive? Is it because the being they worship is a hypocrite? For example: were not the rejected ones in ‘heaven’ cast out upon the planet upon which humans were created? How could that be good? “North Country Now,” 6/5/12) I will confess I am not a biblical scholar, nor am I explicitly versed in all the scripture in the Bible, however, I also must also confess that this statement you have written is a new one to me.

And also I ask who among us would not wish to stay alive to share the love of our family and friends, thus exploring all avenues to accomplish this. Are you stating that if someone if seriously ill, then they should just give up, refuse any medical treatment, and die? Have you never lost a loved one, or have never been ill yourself.

There are two (among many) important values to consider regarding medical care.

One is that a doctor takes an oath – the Hippocratic Oath. As per Webster, “an oath embodying a code of medical ethics usually taken by those about to begin medical practice”, which in my non-professional opinion means to sustain life by any means medically and ethically possible and in accordance with the patient and family’s wishes.

The second value is a Christian is given choices. God gives us all the freedom of choice, we can make decisions, good or bad, but that we feel are medically, ethically, morally, and in accordance to our beliefs. God is not a hypocrite. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are love, patience, truth, caring, healing, faithful, compassion, and many, many other ways of showing He cares for his people.

If you have been so badly hurt or disappointed by a relationship with God, perhaps seeking out someone whom you trust may help you. But please do not condemn God or man’s trust in Him because of an injustice you have encountered. My God is an awesome God!

Also, “spending taxpayers’ dollars” is not a completely true statement. I work and contribute to my healthcare coverage. However, that still does not make wanting to live any more or less an option for all people.

Karen Morgan, Norwood