Regan can make the hard decisions
Friday, October 29, 2010 - 12:26 pm

To the Editor:

Today’s current economic condition in government, business and at home is not a secret. I believe it is time we look to new and constructive ways to address these concerns. We need someone with expertise in financial planning. A person who can, and will, make the hard decisions when needed. Someone with an insight into the issues that are a major concern to us in the North Country and will work for us, not for his own agenda. I recommend Gavin Regan is this person. Gavin is running for a seat on the St. Lawrence County Legislature on November 2.

Why Gavin Regan? A life long resident of St. Lawrence County, B.S. Degree in Business, is a Registered Representative in Financial Services since 1993, served on Town of Potsdam Strategic Planning Committee, former Finance committee Member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Currently serves as a Director of USA Hockey representing NY State. I have known Gavin for many years and have had the opportunity to work with him in many capacities on various projects. He has demonstrated his willingness to offer an insight into a particular issue, suggest a remedy to solve it and then follow up with his expertise t see it through to a timely conclusion.

I don’t recall Gavin ever saying he was “too busy” to help. He has been there when we asked and believe he will be there for us in St. Lawrence County. Personally I have relied on his sound judgment suggestions and options I could consider to resolve an issue. Gavin has always worked for the people, not for himself. I am convinced; St. Lawrence County will not go wrong by electing Gavin Regan as one of our County Legislatures on November 2.

Mario Pusateri