Receive the blessings of Jesus Christ
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 1:15 pm

To the Editor:

Over 2,000 years ago, a father was awaiting the birth of his child. He had great plans for him. Not only would he be a great speaker, he would be prophet; not only would he be a healer, he would heal souls; not only would he minister to people, through him every one from that day forward could have everlasting life.

His father knew his son’s life would be one of trials and temptations. His son would set an example for all mankind.

His father also knew that his son would not live to be an old man—his son would live only 33 years.

His father knew that although his son would be loved by many, he would be hated, persecuted and killed for all that he stood for.

His father says that if any one of us wants to know Him—we must come to Him through His son, Jesus Christ. His son is the light and the way.

Don’t let another year go by, another of his birthdays pass, without receiving the blessings He has to offer you. He was born for you; He died for you.

If you are lost, lonely, broken hearted, at the end of all hope, look up. Reach into the light, take his hand, let him show you the love his father has for you.

If your life is all you thought it could or hoped it would ever be—reach out and you will see, it’s only the beginning.

God bless you.

Debi Mathieson, Winthrop