Real solutions to help fix issues at Massena Memorial Hospital
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - 6:23 am

To the Editor:

Hey, people, the Emperor has no clothes!

Patty Ritchie clearly listed the problems with Massena Memorial hospital, yet no one has been willing to clearly articulate a real solution.

It is very simple:

1. Completely replace the entire board of directors with new people who have never been on the hospital board.

2. Remove and replace the chief executive officer.

3. Set the re-numeration in line with the low end of the mid range offered to other CEO’s of comparable sized hospitals. This leaves room for true merit raises.

Any other approach is nothing more than playing the role of the citizens of the mythical kingdom who “oooed and ahhhed” the Emperor’s “new” clothes.

One other thing I would suggest is that the new board should hire a forensic accountant to review all the books. That would put to rest any doubts and could well begin building trust in a much need community resource.

Brian C. McCormick