Read your Constitution and vote accordingly
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 1:46 pm

To the Editor:

Concerning the “Your News Now” report, “Spoilers in the 23rd District” by Amanda Kelly at Amanda should report the truth.

The truth is:

The spoilers are 11 GOP chairman who voted against "We The People." We showed them a year ago who our choice is and proved Doug Hoffman would win in an honest election which that one wasn't.

Also, 110 committeemen spoilers also voted against "We The People" when they agreed with the 11 Chairmen to totally ignored "We The People" who had spoken loud and clear.

People, wake up and elect people to the lowest positions who reflect your values, not the parties’ goal of one world government. Eventually they reach these positions of power.

Read your Constitution and vote accordingly.

Please be advised that Doug Hoffman has no release from the Conservative party to withdraw. It is not, I repeat, it is not allowed.

Bettina Beckford, Hermon