Putman can make leap to county board
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 12:51 pm

To the Editor,

It is with utmost pleasure that we highly recommend Steven Putman for a seat on the St. Lawrence Co. Board of Legislators.

Many of you may only know Steve and his family as they live and work in the Canton area, but there is a portion of his life before moving to Canton that has contributed to making him the quality person he is now. Steve was a farmer in the Heuvelton area working with his dad, making a living on a small family farm. Farming, yesterday and today, is one of the marks of our county and is who we all are in small and large ways. In these experiences, Steve has gained a true understanding of what the individual, be it farmer or mechanic, salesperson, or small business owner, has to struggle with daily to make a living and sustain a family in our area.

Steve has first hand knowledge of working with the demands of New York State bureaucracies as he is currently the Superintendent of Schools at Brasher-Winthrop CS or St. Lawrence Central. Many of the newspaper, television and radio news articles over the past several months concerning our County’s fiscal dilemma have dealt with the lack of state funding arriving on time for Dept. of Social Services and unfunded mandates for pre-school children education, to name two. Steve has successfully maintained a sound school financial plan locally and worked within the confines of expected state funding.

Steve is seeking to move from the Canton Village Board to the county board. He has been highly respected during his terms on the village board by the people he serves in the village because of his problem solving skills and his skills of working with people. He has experience from that position to bring to the county board. It is interesting to note that the Village Board of Canton has quite a bit of interaction with the county board and its direction as it effects the village taxpayer directly.

There is a leap from the village to the county in number of employees, budget size and territory governed, but the basic of good government by the elected leaders has been proven by Steve’s tenure on the Canton Village Board. Steve is praised by fellow board members, village office staff and other employees.

These are certainly qualities we need for the county board of legislators. We stand along side and with Steve Putman in his bid for a seat on it.

Dale & Gloria Gardner