Prisoners have it too easy in New York, says Norwood man
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 6:35 am

To the Editor:

NYS prison convicts already receive free health/dental care from us hard working tax payers.

Along with health care they also receive free GED programs (once again paid by us taxpayers). I have read several articles about this topic over and over again but I will say it also.

Why should law-abiding citizens have to pay for college education but law breaking citizens receive it free?

Apparently these convicts were not thinking of education on the outside before their convictions and sentences. They go for the easy cash such as drug dealing, trafficking, prostitution etc.

If they were at all concerned of bettering themselves and their families on the outside they would have stayed out of trouble, and not be “hanging around the wrong people” in the first place and focus on public assistance/grants/scholarships to help them with their education goals.

Why not give $5000/year toward every inmate’s education and take $5,000 off law-abiding citizens’ tuitions per year.

Gov. Cuomo is pro-inmate.

Case in point, closing facility after facility to cut costs from the budget but on the flip side, he is overcrowding prisons and putting us Correction Officers along with Correction civilians respectfully, in harms way everyday we walk through those front gates.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what I signed up for; but closing facilities and giving convicts an easier ride through their “rough time in life” is not the answer.

They should have thought of the consequences before they committed rape/sodomy/murder etc.

Enough is enough. In Arizona or California Department of Corrections the saying “hard time” still stands. In New York State it’s “soft time”. A free ride.

Time to elect a new governor that stands behind law enforcement, not against them.

Jon French