Priority must be to ‘hold the line’ on spending
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 11:50 am

To the Editor:

Without a doubt, the people of St. Lawrence County have become upset and fed up with the consistent political rhetoric and smoke-and-mirror tactics that our county legislature have been providing. This is evident in the recent legislature discussions about the projected 2011 budgetary shortfall of between $10-15 Million. 

Numbers can be manipulated to provide any desired result, but the truth can be found. After looking through the financial review, it clearly reveals that while they are claiming to be working to cut expenses, they are proposing increases like a $3 million dollar increase in wage appropriations. With the current economic struggles that the county is facing, contracts with these terms should not be proposed by the legislators.

During tough budgetary times, businesses and families are forced to cut back and make ends meet, our county government should not be any different. They should not be preparing a budget that will require us to bail them out with an increase of revenues from increasing property tax or sales tax. Now more than ever, the priority needs to be hold the line on spending increases. As your legislator it will be my priority to hold the line on taxes and spending increases when working to balance the county budget.

Thank you.

Matthew J. Flynn II

Candidate for County

Legislator District 8

(Canton, Potsdam, Madrid)