Prediction: county tax hikes on horizon
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 12:30 pm

To the Editor:

Well here we are a few weeks past the Election and we are already hearing of tax increases.

This past week our local paper stated that Franklin County was looking at a 20% (maybe more) increase in property tax for Franklin County. Is it just me or did no one mention this before the election? I do not live in Franklin County—I’m your neighbor in St. Lawrence. But I have many family members in Franklin County.

I can tell you regardless of what anyone says the tax increase has been talked about and decided on well before the election.

I can also assure you the same is in the future for St. Lawrence County. We in St. Lawrence County heard just before the election how all candidates were against a tax increase (that’s what the newspaper said) well hang on taxpayers.

Some who ran for office made statements how they would bring jobs to the North Country. That will only happen if we make it affordable for them to do business here. This will not be done by raising taxes. And for all you people on a fixed income, the Star Program wont help.

Be involved. Call your elected official and if you didn’t vote in the last election, shame, shame.

Lucien Plante