Potsdam village eating humble pie over firing, re-hiring clerk
Monday, July 12, 2010 - 12:24 pm

To the Editor:

For once, our village trustees had to eat humble pie. About 11 months ago, they backed the firing of Court Clerk Warner because of insubordination. Her crime? For telling the truth about asbestos and a few other things in the Civic Center -- things the village government obviously did not want revealed. The mayor also issued a “gag order” to the trustees telling them to say nothing to the press about the incident. Furthermore, it became apparent that there were no grounds for the dismissal -- no bad evaluations over her career, indeed, only high praise. It all began to smell, and I wrote an article about it stating that the village was opening itself to a lawsuit.

Sure enough, Ms. Warner filed a lawsuit of unlawful termination in September 2009, and rightfully so. As it turns out, the village has decided to back off and not only reinstate her but give her a settlement of $12,213, thus admitting complete error in its initial attitude.

Steve Warr was not a part of this, (had not been elected yet), but the rest of the village trustees should be ashamed of themselves, rather than handing out statements like Mayor Tischler that “everything is going to be like nothing ever happened.” Something did happen, and it never should have. A governing board of Democrats forgot what their party usually stands for, including the word from which they sprang –“democracy.”

Richard Hutchinson