Potsdam supervisor offers appreciation for help during storm
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 3:12 pm

To the Editor:

Whenever you thank a multitude of people, it seems you in advertently leave someone out.

I owe West Potsdam Fire Department an apology for not saying a public thank you to them for their efforts during Potsdam’s wind emergency of July 17. They were there from start to finish.

Congratulations also go out to the men and women of the West Potsdam Fire Department on their upcoming 50th Anniversary. We appreciate all you do.

The town highway departments of Colton and Pierrepont also worked diligently for two days.

Canton and Louisville highway departments made offers of help, and were ready to assist if needed.

Thanks again to all who came to Potsdam’s aid.

Marie Regan

Potsdam Town Supervisor