Potsdam student shares poem on ‘Greek Life’
Friday, February 8, 2013 - 11:37 am

To the Editor:

“Greek Life”

Sitting upon the window sill

I gaze through the glass,

Through the window,

And upon my life.

The trees grow tall and proud

Reaching the height of a giraffe.

The owls perch and watch

Upon branches so high.

A meadow of daisies flows

All around them,

As dolphins swim and play

In the vast ocean.

Men sail by, smiling and

Singing in the sunshine,

Hoisted up high, flew a

Skull and crossbones flag

Dancing in the wind.

They drop the anchor to

Steady the boat,

Each picking up a single

Yellow rose floating by.

High above soars a finch

Holding fast to a glistening key.

Landing upon a window sill with

Sturdy marooncolored


A patch of shamrocks

Flourishing nearby,

It gazes across the land.




United, intertwined,

Each individually unique,

But together complete.

Caitlin Baker, SUNY Potsdam