Potsdam school board protecting taxpayers?
Friday, June 22, 2012 - 2:34 pm

To the Editor:

A few comments and concerns relating to the daycare building: Building Blocks has stated that they wish to construct a new facility on outer Lawrence Avenue., and they’re required to vacate the existing building they now occupy on district property by May 12, 2013.

According to local media reports, construction is to begin this month. Daycare officials have been successful in obtaining approval from the Village Planning Board to construct such facility.

As to remaining in their present location due to unforeseen construction delays, the Superintendent stated, “I’m not expecting to receive any requests to that issue.” As taxpayers we attended the B&G meeting on May 29, 201212.

Both Mr. Cowen and Mr. Brady reaffirmed the daycare building will remain in the upcoming Capital Project and renovated for district use. However, we are somewhat perplexed that the architects were not provided with the previous report by Bernier & Carr that investigated use of the building for district offices.

Taxpayers should not have to pay another $2,500 for the same work. It’s troubling that architects hired by this district are placed in a position they have to request information needed to move forward in any capital project.

The Superintendent and BOE brought the use of the facility for district offices forth some time ago. To our knowledge this option has not been discarded, nor has other previously discussed uses. It was very clear at the May 29 2012 B&G meeting that the reluctance of the district to put forth any relevant information pertaining to the use of the building left the architects not only frustrated but questioning if the renovation was to remain in the RFP.

Use of district facilities is solely the responsibility of the elected BOE, not the architects. In conclusion, we respectfully request the Superintendent and BOE make every effort to ensure the transfer in ownership of the building from Building Blocks to the school district be done on time and required “control” number from SED be obtained as soon as possible to protect taxpayer interest.

Richard & Jane Hollister, Potsdam