Potsdam School Board needs new faces
Monday, May 14, 2012 - 9:46 am

To the Editor:

I would like to personally thank Mr. Brady and the members of the Potsdam Central School Board for their hard work and dedication, along with their solid efforts they all put forth, while trimming the school budget for 2012-2013 school years. Hats off to you, all of you.

I know that this year Mr. Brady was very concerned and help meetings looking for input from many of us, taking our views and concerns into consideration while trimming and drafting a budget that the taxpayer’s could vote “yes” on. I know this because I attended one, lending my input and Mr. Brady did listen.

I think that Mr. Brady and the school board members all now know hard times have changed everything and bumpy roads lie ahead for years to come, while we are scared we will all heel. There will be more and greater concessions that will be needed, in drafting budgets every year until the State of New York can help out with more funding toward a better education for our children.

For once, I agree with Judith Rich, we don’t need to let history repeat itself. While putting Ann Carvill, Sandra Morris and Mary Ashley Carol back on the school board, in doing so we would be letting “history repeat itself,” as Judith stated, in an earlier letter. These three candidates have all served in the past and helped in contributing to higher school taxes during their terms, while serving on the school board.

We now have some new faces to choose from and good candidates with high quality skills and the tools that are much needed, in continuing to trim the school budget in the upcoming years. I would strongly suggest voting for Danielle Gray and James Hubbard for board openings. Remember when you’re purchasing a new broom it will always sweep much cleaner, “a better bang for the buck.” What we don’t need are people on the school board from the past or just because they feel the needs of their children are much greater than the needs of the taxpayers children or because they have a family member or friend on the teaching staff.

When voting this year keep in mind, it’s not what is best for the school board members and their children, it’s what is best for all the taxpayers and their children.

Yes, we all want a better education for our children, but everything comes at a price. The 2013-2014 school budget is going to be much harder to trim, while making many necessary cuts, there were a lot of deep cuts and carvings made this year. Our teachers and staff members now must start gearing for wage caps while expecting to start giving back, like many New Yorkers have done. by starting to contribute more into their retirements and health care issues, these are not elite people they’re replaceable.

In doing so, this will give us the much needed funding toward a better education for our children. If our teachers really care about the quality of education for our children, that they claim they do, then they will have to show it by contributing more than just the time in the classroom.

I think every taxpayer in the town of Potsdam is trying to do more with much less, we all have to give back for a while, until our financial needs are fundable. Bottom line is we all need to live within our budget.

William C. Paige, Potsdam