Potsdam restaurant praised for service
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 7:36 am

To the Editor:

Have you visited the Little Italy restaurant in downtown Potsdam yet? If not you really need to.

The food is great and the staff is even better. Bri and Trisha are the best waitresses ever. Their personalities are fabulous and the service they give is phenomenal.

My husband and I have said many times they could give some of the other waitresses in town lessons. We have been going back again ad again and have never had bad food or bad service.

I love their chicken wings, some of the best in town.

My husband likes just about everything. He says the pizza is great and he had a buffalo chicken salad recently that was delicious.

We have taken my in-laws there and they love the pizza and recently had the spaghetti and said it was delicious.

So please give this delightful restaurant a try. We did and we are so glad we did.

Sharon Thompson, Potsdam