Potsdam residents upset with school board reaction to clinic questions
Friday, December 21, 2012 - 3:54 pm

To the Editor:

Why would Potsdam Central board members overreact, feigning disbelief when asked if capital project funds would be used for a school based health clinic?

The BOE president directly connected the clinic idea to this capital project at the Aug. 14 BOE meeting. He stated “But doing a reconstruction, it would make sense that this is the time to do it.”

Clearly, the resurrection of a clinic was considered and promoted by the board four months ago, not by taxpayers. No further discussions regarding their intentions had been provided to the public.

It should be noted and known by the BOE that regulations do not allow project funds to be used for such purposes.

The impression put forth in the board’s 10 minute diatribe (12/11 BOE meeting) suggesting that we as taxpayers were making groundless “accusations,” “falsehoods,” or “just thinking something” was pure nonsense.

In fact, while attempting to undermine taxpayers’ credibility, it was revealed that Canton Potsdam Hospital “wasn’t prepared at this time” and that the hospital “had too much on their plate now.” For this BOA to say (12/3) that “they didn’t even consider it” is hogwash.

The written record and public board comments show not only that the board considered a clinic but also omitted it only when the hospital opted out. The verbal fiasco at the last meeting was a direct result of the district attempting to cover their tracks by portraying taxpayers as numbskulls with a wild imagination.

Obviously Mr. Turbett, with his intellectual prowess, took offense when lower functioning taxpayers questioned the board’s intentions! Repeatedly, district leadership has attempted to misuse education assets and divert needed education funds to other entities.

Our opposition to these efforts has been consistent. If this is viewed by Mr. Turbett as “axes to grind,” so be it.

Richard and Jane Hollister, Potsdam