Potsdam players honor special needs fan
Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 7:48 am

To the Editor:

I am writing on behalf of Jeffery, a guy with special needs, to thank the Potsdam High School Varsity Football team for opening their hearts, and showing all fans that a bunch of young men have the love and spirit to honor someone who will never have the opportunity to play their beloved sport in the fashion they are able to.

Jeffery adores football and loves to watch the boys play. When Jeffery is at the game, he is their biggest fan. He yells his heart out and worries if the play turns unfavorable to his team.

On Sept. 27, before the game began, they honored Jeffery for his support by proudly giving him a #40 team football jersey, lovingly signed by all the players and the coaches.

He was so proud to receive it, loves wearing it and is thrilled to tell how he got it. This football jersey is actually more than just material. It represents acceptance, love and respect.

All those present were honored to have witnessed this selfless act. Come cheer with Jeffery, #40, the remaining games of the season.

So thank you again to the Potsdam High School Varsity Football team and their coaches for doing something amazing. It’s an honor to know all of you young men. Good luck, and I sure hope you can continue your undefeated season.

Jo-Ellen Bero