Potsdam man supports Romney in presidential race
Friday, May 25, 2012 - 1:02 pm

To the Editor:

As most American voters felt; four years ago I was ready for “change”.

I’m a Republican at heart but four years ago I thought that maybe a new direction was in order.

Did I vote for Obama?

No. He did not seem open and honest with the American people.

Why would someone wanting to be President of the United States keep his heritage a secret from the County that he wanted to be their Leader?

At 46 years old why did we not know where he was born, who his friends and classmates were or what religion did he practice?

These issues didn’t seem to matter to us as a Country four years ago.

Now today’s media is knit-picking Romney for being a Mormon…maybe a bully in college...and being a rich man.

What do we know today about Obama when his age was 18, or at 25 or 36 years old.

I’m really not caught up with either of these candidates pass life expriences. (I have a few of my own life expriences that I want to keep private but I’m not running for the President of the USA)

My biggest concern is what will Obama or Romney do for the future of the USA?

I have made my “mark” in my lifetime and I am proud of it.

I grew up on a family farm with seven other brothers and sisters. I paid my way through college, bought a home with substantial interest payments (8.5%) and not only raised three children but now I am able to financially help 10 grand daughters who are looking forward to their future.

I started out as a janitor for a local utility and retired as an Area Superintendent of Operations and Maintenance.

I have not and will not support a public hand out for life. Obama spent his first two years in office forcing our Country to believe that a National Health Care System was the biggest concern for our Country. Our nation’s economy has been the biggest concern for the past 8 years.

He has done little to help resolve this issue.

His “Green” environmental investments have been total failures.

Stimulus packages and bailouts have created a national debt that not one person can put their hands around it to understand the consequences.

This is my opinion and I have the right to express it.

My biggest question to people who disagree with me is if we live in a “Global Society”; what does our present President have to offer for our national economy?

Did his policies succeed in Latin America where his Secret Service and prostitutes made headlines or in China where one individual changed the world?

I feel that I am now an Independent voter. At this time I support Romney.

Robert C. Haggett, Norwood