Potsdam Lions Club donate $2,585 to Snack Pack Program
Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 9:07 am

To the Editor:

A heartfelt thank you to the Potsdam Lions Club (PLC) for their recent donation of $2,585 to support the Potsdam Snack Pack Program.

The club raised a total of $5,170, and the Snack Pack Program was one of two local programs selected to receive a donation.

PLC members fanned out across the community to contact businesses and encourage them to advertise on local radio stations.

More than 50 businesses were contacted and several individuals also made private donations, making this one of the most successful Radio Weeks Fundraiser for the Potsdam Lions Club!

I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the level of generosity displayed by residents and local businesses across the townships.

It's obvious that people do care and want to improve the quality of life for our fellow residents, whether it's through the various programs addressing food insecurity or improving the literacy of our adult population.

I look forward to serving the community and doing my part to be an engaged citizen.

Thank you to every business owner, educator, parent, and other community members for supporting the Snack Pack Program. One person can make a difference!

Laurell Brault

Coordinator, Potsdam Snack Pack Program