Potsdam daycare provides valuable service
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 7:47 am

To the Editor:

I have noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Hollister always have a lot to say about Building Blocks Daycare. When was the last time they visited the daycare? Are any of the people who made these so-called shady agreements (in their eyes) even connected to the daycare currently? They don’t feel that the daycare provides a “community service.”

Well, I am a member of this community, and I see on a daily basis the so called “community service” Building Blocks provides. Not only have they provided care for my child for over eight years, they work with local college and universities to provide training/intern opportunities.

They employ about 20 people. They have partnered up with several other local organizations to provide child friendly fun at no cost to the community. These are just a few ways that they serve Potsdam and surrounding towns. I have first hand knowledge of how Building Blocks serves the community not only as a parent but also as an employee. I think the Hollisters should stop by and see for themselves how Building Blocks serves the community.

See for themselves the children that we provide care for, meet some of the staff who are employed because Building Blocks daycare is available for the teachers, lawyers, food service workers, and various other community members that Potsdam has.

Building Blocks provides childcare to those families, which allowed them to work and be productive members of our “community.” In case they forgot, Building Blocks Daycare is a non profit organization and, in my eyes, provides a much needed service to Potsdam as they have provided this “community member” not only childcare, but employment.

Brenda Fetterly