Potsdam board ignoring voice of constituents?
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 12:00 pm

To the Editor:

Regarding the proposed $1.8 Million Potsdam Town Hall

Question: whatever happened to the democratic principle that we all learned in grade school; that the majority vote sets the direction in which the voter wants their elected representatives to act on the issue at hand?

A referendum was held in 2008 relative to this issue; and the majority spoke clearly and decisively with a no new town hall vote. Are our elected officials not capable of understanding the meaning of the word no?

The rational used by the supervisor, Marie Regan, is that it will not cost the taxpayers anything. Unbelievable. No cost for heat, lights, maintenance, state of the art new electronics; and Heaven forbid; new employment for a few loyal supporters? Will Brookfield’s PILOT monies continue to cover these costs? Oh yes, I forgot that the financing of this venture has been paid for by Brookfield. But again, how is it politically possible regardless of where the money comes from, that a majority no vote can be superseded by outside financial sources over the will of the people?

There are other alternatives within the village limits. Those being the available vacant buildings in Kinney mall that will provide adequate and easily accessible parking for the taxpaying voters of all ages.

Perhaps this expression of political ego represent their “Swan Song.” After all we can rest assured that their names will be emblazoned on a glowing bronze plaque for all to witness in the entrance of their proposed Memorial.

Some years ago when ex-president William Clinton was asked by Barbara Walters on her talk show about the Lewinski incident; “Why did you do this?” His response was, “Because I could!” Ahh! The sense of absolute power when in office. Perhaps this might shed light on the mental posture of our town council.

Robert R. Haggett, Norwood