Potsdam assessment board finishes reviews
Friday, July 5, 2013 - 4:47 pm

To the Editor:

The Board of Assessment Review has completed their task for 2013. This year there were many grievances that did not give us the required information we need in order to reduce their assessment. Remember, you must give us the proof that your assessment is too high. There were many that gave us no information at all other than “my assessment is too high.” Listed below is what we need to make a decision:

• An appraisal from a reputable firm that has been done within the first six months of the previous year. We received some that were done as far back as 2005.

• Comparisons with pictures of your house and the ones you are comparing with, in similar areas of the Town of Potsdam. We do not accept comparisons from other towns. Styles of houses and square footage are important.

• If your grievance is on land, we need a breakdown of tillable, woodland (a stand of trees -- not brush), wasteland and wetland.

We hope this will help for future years.

Board of Assessment Review

Bill Grant, Chairman