Potsam Public Works vandalizes beautiful plants
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 7:45 am

To the Editor:

This fall vandals have cut down my productive apple tree that had no interference with traffic, cut branches off a neighbor’s apple trees and left them strewn on her lawn, cut down productive raspberry bushes that have never interfered with traffic or snow plows and left debris, cut down trees at the intersection of Morningside and Main and left the area strewn with debris and rough and raw truck tire damage.

In addition, across 11B from Morningside a beautiful, fragrant Russian olive tree that was full grown and never interfered with traffic or plows was cut down.

This vandalism was committed by the people in the Public Works Department of the Potsdam village.

How can this heart breaking damage be stopped? I have learned it can’t be stopped by speaking to the department head.

Ina Brockriede,