Police chief tackles challenges head-on, says Massena man
Monday, May 19, 2014 - 9:51 am

To the Editor:

It is with pronounced enthusiasm and optimism that I have been apprised of the “rumor” that Village of Massena Police Chief Tim Currier is considering a run for the Office of Mayor of the Village of Massena.

I have been a full-time Village of Massena property owner and resident since 2006, and I also have family ties going back in the village for three generations.

There have been many, consistent, ever-shifting challenges in the Village of Massena that I have witnessed since I “replanted” myself and my family here.

From the increase in drug related crimes, suicides, youth crime, and the steady increase in unemployment and the inherent law enforcement and community leadership responses such requires.

To my observations (and many others), Chief Currier has never shied away from a problem or a challenge, and in fact, has not only tackled and addressed such problems head-on, but has also demonstrated and implemented the progressive, forward thinking approach, that the highest office of the Village of Massena needs, and its residents deserve.

Chief Currier, if the rumor is true, I have your back, and I will work steadfastly on your behalf, to inform and remind others why they should as well.

Leland Farnsworth