Pleased with service at Potsdam computer store
Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 1:44 pm

To the Editor:

There’s comes a time when you are looking for just the right thing in customer service, and I have found the right place when it comes to computer servicing or just buying/selling textbooks.

The Computer Guys in Potsdam are the place for you if you are looking to purchase a computer/laptop in the near future. They are also outstanding in repairing your computers if you should develop a problem. We recently had to bring in our PC for a repair job, and as soon as set it on the counter, Kyle knew exactly what the problem was and what needed to be done. He was very knowledgeable, as was his other brothers, Chris & Ben. They not only got my PC repaired in a jiffy and with a great price for the service, their customer service was and always has been great when

I have any questions to ask. They will give you the honest truth in what needs to be done and will get it right. They even gave me a courtesy call a week later to see how things were going.

So, if you are having computer problems, give the Computer Guys in Potsdam a call. You can’t go wrong, believe me. They also deal in textbooks for anything that may be of value for the students in the field of education. Their phone number is: 265-3866, or you can go

Chris Cyrus, West Stockholm