Pitcairn supervisor’s theft a sad story
Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 1:07 pm

To the Editor:

I’m reflecting on an article “Supervisor Admits Stealing $36K From Town” NorthCountryNow.com May 29. There may be reasons why this person thought that she could do this to so many people who trusted her.

Now her reasons do not matter.

Here is a rather young person with a “solid” professional career. Supported by voting members in her town where they expected her, as supervisor, to help watch over daily issues and to help keep their community safe and strong.

What more would any individual want for a “life reward”?

Now this person’s future is done. Never will she be trusted. Never will she ever achieve the professional career that she had.

Young people...please think before you act. What may seem to be an easy scam, will never pay off.

This apparent $36,000 scam cost this person’s path and goals in life, not only with her community, but probably with some of her immediate family members. Such a sad story,

Bob Haggett, Norwood