Parishville United Methodist Church could close as financial problems continue
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 6:42 am

To the Editor:

As you may have heard, the Parishville United Methodist Church is struggling financially. We are looking at possibly closing our doors and merging with another United Methodist church as an option for keeping the congregation together.

Usually when a church closes, people in the community are surprised, confused, disappointed or maybe all of the above. No one likes to see a church purchased and turned into a store, or a drinking establishment, but we know this does happen once the building is sold.

Unfortunately, controversy follows human beings wherever we go, even into our churches.

The Northern Flow District of the United Methodist Church, which is part of the governing body of the Parishville church has been aware of the history of conflict within this local church.

But the United Methodist Church has rules which form the guiding principles we go by to ensure the best results for all the people in the church. In returning to these tried and true disciplines for administering the church, the Parishville United Methodist Church functions uniformly and without conflict.

Our church generously welcomes all people regardless of race, gender or background. We recently decided to become a Reconciling Church, inviting the LGBT community worship and serve with all our neighbors.

We are made up of a fine group of people who care deeply about their faith and who are committed to being kind and compassionate to all the people.

If you have an interest in this church, let it be known. Come and see this inviting and loving church trying to live out its purpose to follow the compassionate example set before us by Jesus himself.

Members of the Church Council, United Methodist Church