Parishville resident to run for legislator
Friday, February 2, 2018 - 7:33 am

To the Editor:

I am writing to declare my candidacy for the position of St. Lawrence County legislator for District 7, which includes the towns of Clare, Colton, Hopkinton, Parishville, Piercefield, and Pierrepont.

Growing up in the area, and a member of several organizations around the county, I understand the needs of the community and care very deeply about what happens here. I want to focus on economic growth and sustainability, creating an environment that benefits everyone.

Now that AvanGrid is no longer considering Parishville as a possible site but instead plans to move to Hopkinton with its larger turbine but smaller footprint, the impact of the company’s decision needs to be addressed and considered carefully. Whatever the company does, it could potentially seriously affect the residents of Hopkinton and surrounding areas.

Also, conservative fiscal decisions need to be made in the County’s budget. I believe that the taxes, like those in most areas, have spiraled out of control. It is time to make strategic choices to curb our spending.

St. Lawrence County provides a great many services to the community that are sometimes taken for granted. It is important for these services to be recognized as well as scrutinized. We are in tough economic times and need sound and conservative economic decisions.

A County Legislator should work in all possible areas to create and promote the kind of sustainable economic growth that will enhance and nurture the county. Someone who will be part of a team working to find solutions to issues that impact the future. For instance, the team I envision should be looking at educational opportunities for everyone to learn trades and become self-sufficient. Also looking at ways to help prevent the collapse of our farming industry. These are just two of the biggest issues. We cannot be singularly focused on one area. We need to work together to bring in business large and small to enhance the county’s job growth in manufacturing, recreation/tourism, as well as agriculture. St. Lawrence County has a lot to offer --- we need to utilize all of our strengths. I want to see this county grow and evolve into a sustainable force that other counties in the state can emulate and learn from. It’s time for someone with the energy, motivation, and passion to stand up for our community and be the positive change agent that is needed for others to follow.

Erica Leonard